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videoDot Inclusive voice over

Voice-over services in more than one hundred languages are provided by our talented team of native speakers. Increase your global audience through our inclusive audio description services for people with visual impairments.

Audio description in both English and other foreign languages.

A team of in-house scriptwriters.

Guaranteeing script quality with a visually impaired QC team.

Automated, platform-based, high-quality AD recording.

Synthetic voice technology for quick turnaround projects.

videoDot Dubbing

Professional filmmakers, genuine actors, and talented adaptors will infuse your work with creative fervor, ensuring that it will fascinate viewers all around the world.

A team of skilled performers to give authentic portrayals of characters.

Native land managers guarantee true cultural resonance.

In-platform audio quality control measures for dubbing

Well-designed system to handle large-scale, fast-moving difficulties.

End-to-end dubbing management, including AoR.

videoDot Subtitling

Accessible subtitles that bring together viewers from all across the globe. Our subtitling platforms, which incorporate quality control tools, centralized glossaries, and assistive technologies, have made subtitles more reliable than ever before, and their consistency has not wavered in the slightest.

The use of linked glossaries to ensure translation accuracy

Well-composed words to deliver the precise experience.

A confident, reliable team for handling any international, long-term endeavor.

videoDot Audio podcasting production

We provide top-tier audio post-production services for your next worldwide release, including multilingual ADR, mixing, music and effects, and more.

With well over a thousand hours of combined experience in feature and broadcast material mixing.

Services for alternative dispute resolution that can be accessed remotely, including "virtual" ADR stages.

Several facilities have Dolby Atmos mixing rooms.

1/7.1 stereo mixing capacity.

videoDot Translation and transcription

Maintain consistency and accuracy using trustworthy scripts that feed into the localization ecosystem.

Universally applicable script library.

Whether it’s for commercial or educational topics, Revoicer helps expand your ability to tell a cohesive story.

It boosts the precision of future localization.

Quicker service by Dub Script Translators.

Allows for massive, precise delivery dates.

Guarantees that affected routines are updated promptly.

videoDot Video editing

In the era of multimedia modes of communication, don’t be left behind. If you want to advertise your services online and reach customers all over the world, videos are a crucial component of your marketing strategy.

Well-assured performance of animated characters

Inclusive captions and subtitles.

Professionally recorded, high-quality audio for dubbing jobs

Specialized dubbing artists from native countries deliver high-quality audio.

Avoid linguistic obstacles and reach out to global audiences.

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