DubNHub Customer Pricing Guide

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Record the voice-over professional studio and high quality:
In Multiple Languages:

From: 50 words for $10 (each language)


Quality voice-over for a website explainer or corporate film:
In Multiple Languages:

From:50 words for $30 (each language)


For the role in an animation project or an indie or mobile video game.
In Multiple Languages:

From: 50 words for $30 (each language)

Closed Captions

Create closed captions for your media In Multiple Languages:

From: $6 per minute (each language)


Get perfectly accurate subtitles made by skilled human specialists in any format you need.
In Multiple Languages:

From:$5 per minute

Sync & Burn-in

We will seamlessly embed and synchronize captions/subtitles into your video file, hard-coding them in your preferred style.
In Multiple Languages:

From:  $5 per minute

Master Dubbing:

All-in-1 Master Dubbing Package. Utilizing the expertise of professional dubbing artists in a professional studio, ensuring seamless synchronization with the visuals.
In Multiple Languages:

From: $35 per minute (each language)

Mixing & Mastering

Mix your film/ video soundtrack with the dubbed voices to ensure broadcast-quality audio on any device. Also includes Noise Removal, Enhancements, and audio cleaning
In Multiple Languages:

From:  $20 per minute

Video Editing:

Through skilled video editing, we bring stories to life with seamless visuals and captivating effects, ensuring your message leaves a lasting impression on viewers.

From: $35 (depends on the project size)

Website Development:

Web development is the art and we are the artist of this. From creating and maintaining websites, encompassing everything from designing the user interface to coding the backend functionality to delivering an engaging and interactive online experience.

From:$100 for the single website (minimum)

WordPress Website:

Offering WordPress web development services, creating and tailoring websites using the powerful WordPress platform, and delivering user-friendly and easily manageable solutions for clients to update and expand their online businesses effortlessly.

From: $80 for the single website (minimum)

Social Media Marketing

Boost your brand with expert Social Media Marketing – from managing accounts and engaging posts to launching effective ad campaigns on Facebook, Google, or TikTok, we've got you covered for online success.

From:$35 (minimum)